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Service Bulletin
FROM: Steve Henriksen NO: Aud 172 DATE: February, 1999
TO: Authorized Telex Audio Service Stations SUBJECT:XL Head Rebuilding Program

UNITS AFFECTED: 6120 XL, 6120 XLP, ACC2000XL, ACC4000XL Cassette Copiers and units which have been upgraded to use XL heads. See Table #1 for specific heads affected.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: XL tape heads have been supplied by Telex for the past 10 years and are still supplied as original equipment on our premium models.. These long wearing heads have the unique ability to be re-manufactured to like-new condition, even after they have been badly worn. This is accomplished by removing the four tiny screws from the back of the head and separating the front portion of the head. A new front section is installed using specialized alignment equipment. Often, it is not necessary to totally replace the front of the heads. They can be restored to original specifications by lapping and polishing to remove scratches and slight wear grooves. For either process the worn head must be returned directly to the head manufacturer.
Refinished Heads: The surface of the heads will be lapped and polished. Upon completion, the head will meet all electrical and magnetic specifications of a new head and will contain more than 50% of the original wear depth. A small dot will be drilled in the front section so it can be distinguished from re-manufactured heads. See Figure #1.
Re-manufactured Heads: New front section installed., guarantying the same wear depth and specifications as a new head..

For Pricing contact Electromag at or call 800-200-7850.

RETURN PROCEDURE: Return the XL heads requiring service to the following address. If possible, please list the quantity and part numbers of each head. The heads will be refinished if the wear depth permits and re-manufactured if the wear depth is too deep. You will be charged accordingly and heads will be returned COD unless previous arrangements are made. Note: Exact prices are available, on request, after the heads have been inspected. Note : If you want all heads to be re-manufactured (not refinished), please request this service.


Electro Magnetic Components                     or                 Tellus Company, Ltd.
5160 Mercury Point Rd, Suite C   Naugarduko,41
San Diego, CA  92111 Vilnius, LITHUANIA
phone 858/279-9110 phone/fax +370 2 338840
fax 858/279-5583 fax: +370 2 250477
e-mail: e-mail:

Note: Electro Magnetic Components (EMC) is the manufacturer of XL heads. Tellus is their representative. Each is an independent company. Although we recommend their work, Telex is not responsible for the action of either company.

Table #1: XL Head Part Numbers
The following heads qualify for the head rebuilding program:
55800-000* 55801-000 55801-001
55802-000* 55802-002 55803-000*
55805-000* 55807-000 55813-000
55813-001 55814-000 55814-001
55815-000 55815-001
*These heads can be refinished but cannot be re-manufactured.
NOTE: Heads which have broken pins or open channels do not qualify for the head rebuilding program.
New heads should be ordered directly from Telex if replacement is necessary
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  • This program supersedes Service Bulletin #114 and all other head refinishing programs offered by Telex. This change is made to increase the speed and flexibility of the XL head rebuilding program.
  • Electro Magnetic Components (EMC) and Tellus Company, Ltd. are the only authorized refinishing or re-manufacturing agents for XL heads. New heads are not available through either of these companies.
  • New heads are available only from Telex, authorized Telex dealers or authorized Telex service stations.
  • Heads which have been resurfaced by companies other than EMC or Tellus may not qualify for the rebuilding program described.


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